Badagas call festivals as "HABBA." Badagas main deities are Hethai and Ayya. They also worship several Hindu deities, including Shiva, Krishna, Khaali, Maari, Muniappa.

They celebrate Hethai Habba in a grand fashion spread over a month during December–January every year, and the festival is celebrated all over the district.

The important festivals are Devva habba, Hethe habba, Sakalathi habba, Uppattuva Habba.  They also worship Sun, Nature and Ancestors. They also celebrate Maa Khali Habba, Dedisimi Habba, Krishna Jeyanthi, Vinayagar Chaturthy, Marri Habba, Murugar Habba, Ramar Habba, Hanuman Jeyanthi etc.,

The aborigine Badaga had prudently observed the origin of forest fire by the violent friction of bamboo stems against one another during the fierce monsoon blows and learnt that they could make fire by rubbing together at two pieces of wood.

Their ancient fire making process still demonstrated and effected as a necessary ritual during their Devva festival. They had produced fire by friction in rubbing two stones or two sticks. The flints are known as ‘Chikkimukki kallu’ (Chikkimukki – Flinting or rubbing, Kallu – stone) meant for that purpose. The fire making process is known as "Niligolu" or upright stick.

Sun Worship

Sun probably called as "Hothu" in Badaga language. The sun worship is a  primitive worship found among Badagas. As soon as they got up early morning, worship Hothu(sun). Hothu considered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Fire Worship

Fire probably called as "Agni Deva" in Badaga language. Fire worship is a primitive worship found among Badagas. Badagas put Mantha Kitchu during Hethe festivals and worship Agni Deva. They used to walk on fire wood pieces as a part of their many festivals. 

Water Worship

Water probably called as "Neeru" and also called as "Gangae" in Badaga language. They worship Gangae as it is base for living. Can find a well near Temples and people pay tribute. Even while crossing a small running water people pay tribute and cross it. 

Snake Workship

Snake probably called as "Nagaappa" and also as "Haavu". Badagas consider snake as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. You could find snake statues in most of the temples. Snake worship is in process from Neolithic peroid.