It is well known that the traditional dress of the men and women of the Badagas are different from other communities in India. 

The typical tribal costume of the Badaga men consists of languti, white turban; long body-cloth with red, black and gold stripes wrapped round throw one end is over his shoulder (Seelae). All use white cloth as dress code, use walking stick and leaf-made umbrella.

Woman wear a white cloth covering body (Mundu), and white under cloth(Thundu) tied around her chest, tightly wrapped square across the breasts and reaching to knees with two cloth-belts (‘Rattus’or satte). They wear a typical head dress called ‘Pattu,’ Gold ornament in left nostril, Neclets of small glass beads and of silver links with four- anna piece pendent. Silver and copper armlets above elbow. These features reflect their physical appearance as a Primitive Tribal Group.